iPad Accessories

Accessories for the 32 GB Apple iPad Tablet


The new Apple iPad 3 Tablet is a nifty piece of technology in itself, but most people like to add a bit more to their tablet to give it a more personal feeling. Accessories for the 32 GB Apple iPad tablet range from things like earbuds and cases all the way to skins and screen protectors! Accessories are not just there to make your iPad more personal, but are also able to protect your iPad from damage, so they are useful as well as fun.


Most people don’t know about many of these accessories, but once you know about them, you’ll no doubt want to see about getting some for yourself!


Useful Accessories


These are some very handy accessories for your new iPad tablet, particularly if you do a lot of travel:


  • Screen protectors
  • Cases (hard or soft and in a range of colors)
  • Flipstand
  • iPad Dock
  • Wireless keyboard (in case you have trouble with the touchscreen)
  • iPad USB adaptor-an adaptor which allows you to hook your iPad to an outlet so you can keep it charged and still use it


Probably the most useful for even casual iPad Tablet users is the screen protector and case which will protect your tablet and prolong its life. The rest of these things are handy to have and make using your tablet a little easier.


Really Cool Accessories


Ok, so these things aren’t precisely useful, but they are incredibly cool! These accessories allow you to show off more in your iPad to a wider audience and let you get more of a wow factor out of your piece of tech. these accessories include:


  • Apple TV: You can stream what’s on your iPad through your HTV with this accessory and programming. This lets you show off your movies, photos and other goodies on the big screen
  • World Travel Adaptor kit: This kit lets you easily plug your iPad into a range of outlets across the globe and a dock connector so that you can travel the world with your iPad without fear
  • iPad camera connector kit: easily move your photos from your digital camera to your iPad with a single connection. It supports file formats like JPEG, RAW and HD.


And of course, expect to find things like earbuds, mics and even styluses to help you use your iPad to its full potential! The 32 GB iPad Tablet 3 is not only a great piece of equipment, but with the right iPad Tablet 3 accessories, you can make it even better.

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