New Apple iPad vs New Tablet PC

The 32 GB iPad 3 Tablet vs the PC Tablet


The new 32 BG iPad 3 Tablet has provoked discussion among tech heads about whether it’s superior to the PC tablet found from other companies such as Asus. Some people wonder if one is better than the other or if they should opt for both! What are the differences between these two machines?


The new iPad 3 is a pretty cool piece of technology. It includes a far greater resolution screen, more storage space for your goodies, lots of accessories and a faster CPU for moving data around. The big differences between it and other PC tablets are actually little things. These differences include:


  • Longer battery life. The new iPad 3 usually has a far longer battery than other PC tablets.
  • PC tablets support things like Java and Flash; the iPad 3 does not
  • The iPad 3 has a slightly smaller screen than things like Asus Transformer Tablet, but has better resolution
  • The processor isn’t quite as good on the iPad 3, but it’s more affordable
  • The iPad 3 has two cameras, back and front; most tablets have but one, though the megapixels are better


So, is there a way to determine which one is better than the others? Not really; it’s more a matter of preference. If you travel a lot, the iPad 3 will probably be better for you because it has a longer battery life and things like global cellular radio. If on the other hand, you prefer a larger screen and you want to be able to play flash games, a PC tablet may be better for you. If you’re on a slight tech budget, the iPad 3 is usually cheaper; if you want a fast processor, the PC tablet will be better. It really does depend on your situation.


The 32 GB iPad 3 Tablet or the PC Tablet? The choice is really up to you!